Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy September!

Already!!!????  How can it be?  Back to school, lesson plans and.........aahhh..... weekend retreats.  OK that's sounding better.  October is the month of retreats but that's four weekends away, so I'll just have to EASE into the fall with an Open House to welcome my friends to visit my new play area.  The play area needs a name so I'm offering an alphabet stamp set for the winner who's name suggestion I pick.  If I come up with the winning name, I'm the loser, cuz I have a stamp set to give away!  It's a favorite of mine and I have an extra.  So share  your thoughts on what I can call this special creative space where I will treasure moments with friends and family. 

Large room
paper stack
School cabinets with corner peg boards
Corner storage.  
Note the lamp; same as on our Idea Book a year ago and I had it first! :-) 
My hubby bid for it on an NPR fundraiser.  
At the time, I really had no place for it and almost gave it away.  So happy I didn't.


  1. Do I just post my suggestion here?

    "Happy Haven"

    1. Crafty Happy has a Happy Haven, sounds good!